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Non Destructive Testing Services (NDT)...

Ultrasonic Thickness Checking on vessels, pipe work and Steel Marine hulls.

High temperature thickness measurements up to 350 Deg C possible.

Through Paint thickness measurements possible.

Carried out Using Fully calibrated Olympus  Equipment. With Data Logging Facility.

Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Testing Services...

Hydraulic testing of pressure vessels.

Internal examinations using Snap on endoscopes up to 2.5m

length with recording facility.

Overseeing Repairs to Pressure vessels Steam/Air and Gas.

Third party inspection of welded repairs to pressure vessels.

Pressure Plant Inspections...

Thorough and Working Examinations  of  all types of pressure plant to comply

with the current Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.

Inspections carried out on...

Industrial Steam Boilers - Horizontal Multi tubular, Vertical (Fulton),

Water Tube and all associated pressure plant items.

Counter Boilers (Coffee machines).

Autoclaves, Heat exchangers, Jacketed Mixing Vessels.

LPG Vessels and pipe work.

Compressed Air & Gas  Systems.

Historic Riveted Boilers, (Lancashire and Vertical cross tube).

Traction Engines, (Full size and model).

Steam Railway locomotives ( main line to model).

Steam Boats.

Steam Cars.

Sentinel type boilers.

Written Schemes...

Preparation of Minor and Intermediate written schemes of examination to comply

with the current Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.


Services Offered...

Boiler Inspections, NDT testing, Steam and Pressure Plant Inspections.